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“Cannes” Tee

Hi friends! Today’s look is a simple $10 graphic tee. We all need one good tee that we can wear with anything. You don’t need to head to Cannes to have this one. It’s available in all sizes. I got asked my size. So if you need it to gage from me, I’m just short of 5’6” and about 107 lbs. In this one, I am wearing the size S and if fits well not too big if you normally wear an extra small, like me. Also, it’s wrinkle free so a great grab and go staple to pack.  My black sunnies I picked up at Nordstroms and their not expensive. I get asked a lot when I wear them so thought I would include them today. I love to travel with $20 ones like these because if I lose them my heart won’t break. (Sour patches not included 😜). 💙🖤 

Copy and past the link below to your browser to order online now: 

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