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About Me

Hi! I'm Tricia, a serious fashionista.

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I'm Tricia, a native San Diegan. Like many of you, I didn’t come from money. At times I had to watch my parents survive on a very limited budget.  

At an early age, my love of fashion taught me smart ways to dress and look like a million bucks without spending much.  I fell in love with my first dress at the age of eight. I saw it in a mail order catalog.  

My Dad said, “if you want that dress you’ll have to earn it!" I got a weekly allowance of only $5, so it took me a few months to save enough for the dress. But when I did, I truly understood the value of a dollar.  

As I grew, I was approached frequently in public by people curious to know more about my clothing style. Most were surprised at how affordable it was.  

Little did I know that my passion for affordable clothing would inspire a site that I could share with the world. I am now an “influencer” and it's one of my greatest joys.  

The majority of the fashion you'll see on or Instagram are under $100 and on trend. I've been a style influencer for several name brands that I have listed under "Brands I Love".  

I’m also a Christian and my love for Jesus has allowed me to collaborate with Christian clothing and accessory online sites.  

In addition to fashion, I have a huge sense of wanderlust that has me traveling the world for a living. Through my travels, I have experienced many different cultures which encompass historic places, delicious foods, drinks, and fashion -- and in the process, I became an influencer for a number of popular restaurants, hotels and locations.  

I'm thrilled you're here and my hope is that my platform encourages and inspires you in some way.  

Being able to work with brands, businesses and products that I admire while connecting with amazing people doing what I love each day is an incredible feeling.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you find my blog enlightening and refreshing.


Happy shopping!

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