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Moon Boots and Brunette Beanie

Hey ya’ll I’m back from my trip and ready to do some bloggin’! For winter wear, I’m sporting the Moon Boot.  These boots are perfect in every way because they are light weight, water proof, insulated and have little suction cups on the soles for support on slippery ice and snow.  They an be found  for $99 if you look on Amazon.  They come in white, black, pink and red.  I would love to have them in every color!  I’m also wearing the “Brunette” Beanie $45 from Nordstrom.  For all you blonde ladies out there they sell a “Blonde” one, too.  Copy and paste the links below to your browser to order online now! ❄️☃️❄️

Moon Boot: 

Brunette Beanie: 

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