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White Privilege

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

In light of the "woke" community out there I decided to call this post "white privilege" since all the items are white and it's a privilege for me to share with you! haha!! Seriously, ya'll, nothing comes between me and my white cowboy boots from #12thtribe They are the sexiest knee high cowboy boots I've ever owned. They come in a bright white!! If you are thinking of investing in cowboy boots, let these be the ones you splurge on!

What am I sitting on?! It's a Moroccan Pouf and they are back in style! I for one am a HUGE fan!! I remember my trip to Casablanca, Morocco years ago where they first caught my eye. I instantly fell in love with the moroccan poufs. I ended up buying my first pouf cover. It was a light tan color with white stitching. You can stuff them with pillows, comforters, blankets or old clothes and jackets will do the trick! I never thought I would get another one unless I went back there but low and behold you can now get authentic ones of genuine soft leather on Etsy and Amazon! I found a pretty white and a soft grey!!

My lavender mushroom cropped sweater vest and long sleeve collar polo body suit top are from Shein! Links to all are below!!

Mushroom Pattern Cropped Sweater Vest $12

White Western Style Stitching Cowboy Boots $130

White Boot Dupes on Amazon $68

Moroccan Pouf in Bright White Leather $60

Moroccan Pouf in Bright White $64

Moroccan Pouf in Light Grey with White Stitching $58

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