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Sunflowers in Spring! Driftwood classic

Did you know a sunflower 🌻 normally faces the sun but when they can’t find it they face each other? 😊

It takes a lot of work to move a sunflower’s big head, and the flower uses the stem to do it: each stem grows longer on the east side by day, and longer on the west side at night. This differential cell growth in the stem tilts the head of the sunflower back and forth. Experiments holding sunflowers in one place showed that if it didn’t track the sun, the plant had fewer leaves and less biomass. It’s to the sunflower’s advantage to track the sun while it is growing, but after it has grown, the sunflower faces east. Again, a sunflower facing any other direction had fewer visits by pollinators, and reduced seed production.

I have always smiled when I see sunflowers. 🌻 Infact, not only are sunflowers one of the most underrated flower but so are their seeds. Sunflower seeds are a versatile, sustainable, and protein-rich food that can be a pantry staple. They are also a superfood that contains many nutrients. For me, they are a bright reminder of spring and bring sunshine to my world. I buy them every year to brighten my home. 🌞💛💛💛🌻💛💛💛

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