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Snow Vibes

Me and Sasquatch chillin' in the snow! Can't say enough about my unisex #moonboots that are extremely light weight, specially insula for warm toes and feet plus the ice just bounces off the fabric so you never get soaked. Comes in many great colors for men and women such as black, red and blue! If you plan to hit the slops or just trecking in snow, you have got to get a pair of these!! My purple warm weather two piece set is another #amazonfind I found my Pom Pom Beanie at #lulus for $48. Links are below!

Women's Seamless 2 Piece Outfits Workout Long Sleeve Crop Top High Waist Yoga Legging Set w/thumb hole sleeve in Purple $32.98

Moon Boot $67.26

Unisex Moon Boot additional colors: Black, Blue and Red $124

Lavender Beanie #freepeople $48

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