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Snow Camo and Gun

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Don't be a sap, time to get strapped.  😎    My birthday is the end of the month and this was the best gift ever! Gun ownership isn’t for everyone and comes with great responsibility but those who are considering it keep in mind some states like here in Cali take a bit longer for application processing (10 days) and you’ll need to have a clean past. Even if you have shot before, I highly recommend taking some training at your local range to better familiarize yourself with your own piece. For all you first time female gun owners out there I've included links to a few of my favorite accessories like a waterproof travel case, gloves and laser add ons.  It's always been fun hitting the range before but I can't wait to hit the range and break in my own gun! 😃 You can find the latest in camo wear @treetribevibe I favor the snow camo print sports bra and shorts because it comes in XS and fits well.  They even sell a matching face mask.   White stitched AK-47 trucker hat $27  @thepewpewlifenoir My Springfield XD 9MM @springfieldarmoryinc ambidextrous gun (for lefties like me) was a birthday gift purchased from @pwgrange For links to all visit my website in bio: or find me at by downloading the app. #birthdaygift #gun #2ndammendment #9mm #girlswhoshoot #styleinspo #styleoftheday #ootd

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