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Roller Skating is a Vibe! 💜🛼💜

I have falling back in love with roller skating! ✨🛼✨ I remember trips to the skating rink as a little girl in my teens and how much fun it was! I can't' believe its back only better!!! Skates are much better made these days and the safety gear is top notch. I have a few different roller skates but my top favorite as of late is my Rios. I just feel more support on them. They come in European sizes but not to worry because all sizes are based on the exact measurements of your feet. Instructions on how to measure are on their website. My safety gear is from Triple 8 and it comes in pretty rainbow colors a set of six includes 2 wrist guards, 2 elbow pads and 2 knee pads.

As I write this blog, I am on day 13 rollerskating with my new skates. I started in the pink Impalas and now I am skating with my light grey and purple Rios! Links to order below.

I have included links to what I am wearing, too!


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