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Pink Leopard Sleepwear by Goodnight Macroon COVID-19

I planned to just post this pic and do my usual blog about this great lounge wear PJ set - pink leopard for $37 from @goodnightmacroon As I started to create my blog, though I decided to add to my post and touch on something else, entirely.

In light of current events, it’s been a disheartening time for us all. This past week, I was hit with the mild symptoms of COVID-19. There are thousands more who struggle to breathe on ventilators, have it painfully worse (beyond my comprehension) so out of respect for those people, my story is short but my message is strong.

My first symptom was extreme fatigue followed by chills, third symptom was a high fever over 101.5, my fourth was a splitting headache and my fifth I had lost my sense of taste. After a few days passed, on Wednesday, I woke to a severe sore throat. I couldn’t swallow without extreme pain.

I drove myself to Hoag in the OC. I was told to sit in my car with the windows rolled up and to dial a number. The woman on the other line said I didn’t qualify for the swab testing as I needed to have one of these qualifications: 65 years or older, pre upper respiratory condition, diabetes or worked with elders. So I parked my car and walked into the main lobby. I was greeted by a person at a table wearing a mask and gloves holding a clipboard who took my temperature then at 102 and gave me a mask and gloves to put on and directed me to go to suite 160. I was then greeted again but by a doctor separated only by a glass window between us. She said I wish I could test you as you definitely have the majority of the symptoms but I simply can’t because we are only testing if you match the list of requirements on this sheet (to which she slid the sheet into a slot in the glass for me to keep. She said “I’m sorry”. She then said to go home and self quarantine, gargle with salt water and if I need to go outside at anytime to wear the mask and gloves. Finally, she said “don’t worry you are young and you will get better”. I left and as I drove away I began to pray. I’m not gonna lie and tell you I wasn’t scared even if I had only the mild symptoms. I could feel the demon virus living inside my throat.

When I returned home, I picked up my Bible and began reading it. I think we get comfortable with what material things we may possess and the people in our lives may have taken a backseat. We may have lost sight of what’s truly important. Through this experience and time of quarantine, I encourage us to re-evaluate our need for human connection. Maybe we are too consumed with our career success and have lost site of quality time with family and friends. Caring for our neighbors and working as a team for all those around us. Is there a chance God has simply pushed the reset button so we may look within and find what’s truly important? We are all at home and are forced to look more closely at our situation. What is it we truly value in our life? What, when and who do we have on our daily priority list? How do we treat each other in times of crisis? Are we patient? Are we kind? Are we truly present with our loved ones?

I pray for God to give us all strength and courage.

I believe God truly does test our faith. He wants us to reach out to him. He wants us to not give up. I found a scripture I’d like to share which encompasses this.

Peter 1 versus 3-9

6 In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials, 7 so that the tested genuineness of your faith—more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire—maybe found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Tonight was the first time I no longer felt my sore throat. Yes, there are other uncertainties in my life but what I do have is my health. I’m thankful to the few I shared my minor symptoms with who checked in on my daily and sometimes several times a day. May you come out of this trying time with a new sense of purpose and hope. May your soul be nourished with what it needs to live a better way of life. Perhaps better than the one you had before in some way. May you value those who are selflessly there for you when you are at your absolute worst.

In closing, I am praying for all those who are suffering around the world. I‘m asking God to have mercy on them and may they find healing and peace in all their sufferings.

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