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My Keto Diet has me back into my favorite 🦋 Jeans! How I did it...

Who else put on pandemic pounds this last year besides me? I’m so excited to announce that I have reached my original weight and can fit into my favorite butterfly jeans again. These jeans I have had since I was 21 years old. A month ago I could barely get one leg into them but today I was able to zip them up! I lost 9 lbs in one month and I used the keto diet. I made sure I didn’t go over 20 carbs a day. I was also using sugar free keto friendly desserts since my sweet tooth is crazy 😜! You would be surprised to know there are now many keto labeled desserts in the grocery stores. For some fresh desserts I went with blueberries and a couple sliced strawberries with whip cream. Yes whip cream is ok!! 20 carbs is easy to do when you realize broccoli, sprouts, salmon and chicken cooked lean have no carbs!! The rule is to avoid anything white: bread, rice, popcorn, cakes etc. For drinks I went with my favorite #chiccocktails or if out at a restauran, Tito’s extra dirty martinis 🍸 and blue cheese stuffed olives. Cheese and olives are keto friendly. 😉 It was a challenge since I love my Mexican Food but I did it. I will make room for cheat Mexican food days now that I have reached my goal as I can’t imagine life without my enchiladas! 🔥👌🏻

I've attached a chart of the 6 basic food lists that are keto friendly for you to refer to. I promise you this; if you stick to the list and the food portions you will lose your desired weight and fast!

It helps to develop a healthy workout schedule to enhance your progress like I have done but it is not necessary to lose the pounds.

I plan to wear these jeans all day today with a smile on my face! #keto #healthylifestyle #stayfit #eatinghealthy #lowcarbs #ketolifestyle

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