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Milestone! 100,000 followers on Instagram

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Wow, I cannot believe all of the love, support and encouragement that has come my way. 100K followers on Instagram?! Thank you for choosing me to follow and all your funny, supportive and kind comments as well as likes throughout the years. When I first started this journey, I simply thought it would be fun to share my life onboard and traveling as a flight attendant. I never expected my followers to grow this much as I created my own website and became a style influencer. I am incredibly humbled and I want to be sure to express my gratitude with you guys, because YOU are the ones that made this happen. I have the best people around me and most importantly, I have God. All of my greatest thanks goes to Him and the path He has me walking, sometimes running down. At the end of the day it’s ultimately going to be in Gods hands. So to God, my friends, family & to all of you reading this, I raise my hands and say:




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