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Memorial Day Weekend Short Set PJs and Patriotic Snacks!

Updated: May 30, 2021

Occasionally a recipe is so easy I’m almost embarrassed to share it with you. And if I’m honest, this isn’t even really a recipe per se. It’s more of an idea. You can take it and run with it. Shoot for the moon! Touch the stars! Be all that you can be! Let your creativity shine! Just thought maybe you could use a little pep talk today. Feeling ready to take on the world? I thought so.

Can I be honest with you? I didn’t even include ingredient amounts for this recipe. How’s that for slacking off? Really though, the amount of berries and cream you’ll need all depends on the size of your cup or trifle bowl or whatever other fascinating vessel you decide to serve this in. Don’t stress over getting the perfect ratio of cream to berries. Any ratio will be delicious, I promise.

Feel free to use yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese or whip cream...choose your pleasure! For berries stock to the reds and blues. You know flag colors. 😉 My favs are strawberries 🍓 and blueberries.

Start by Layering your yogurt, cottage cheese or whip cream first then add your sliced strawberries 🍓 Continue the layers until you reach the top. Then add your blue berries.

Another patriotic and fun idea includes slicing up strawberries 🍓 and bananas 🍌 then placing them on skewer sticks (I used 6 inch ones from #amazon) along with some blueberries🫐 on the top of 4 of them then placing them on a platter to create the flag image.

Last but not certainly not least, try yogurt covered pretzels 🥨 and strawberries 🍓 as stripes and line them up evenly on a platter then place a bowl of blueberries🫐in the left corner for the stars ⭐️! #LTKseasonal #competition

Love my cozy pjs in a soft cotton blend for just $19!! Links below:

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