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Kisses from God

Updated: May 13, 2020

During these uncertain times I find it soothing to read inspirational books. Kisses from God is a special book for anyone who suffers from worry, anxiety and impatience. When we are rushed, pushed, worried, frustrated or mad we may get a lot done, but end up tearing ourselves apart in the process. When we spend time with God we discover a pace and rhythm that is comfortable, peaceful and effective. I challenge you to seek out books that touch your soul and bring you comfort. "Kisses from God" is a favorite of mine that I have added to my collection of Amazon reads. Since I spend quite a bit of time on my phone and laptop as a blogger, I found some really cool blue light lenses in "to the Max" style. I picked the blue quartz shade because I think it makes my eyes pop. They are $25 from @peepers What's unique about the blue light lense is it helps to filter damaging UV rays and minimizes harmful high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from digital devices by 40% or more and features an anti-reflective coating. Trust me on this one guys your eyes will thank you! Can be ordered in clear glass or with a reading prescription. I'm wearing a lace trim satin cami in silver grey from $8 @SHEIN. Links to all are below!

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