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Goodbye to You...2020

Adios 2020! ✨💥✨

But before you leave I have a couple things to tell you. You were not what I was expecting but taught me to trust in Gods plans more than in my own plans. You were an awfully sad year but taught us all to be resilient. You cancelled many of my plans but taught me to appreciate the here and now. You frustrated some of my biggest goals this year but my faith grew in those moments and I could see many unexpectedly answered prayers.

Today I say goodbye to you! We will never see each other again and I will never forget you! Although I prefer you would have been different, today I’m thankful for all the lessons I learned in your book. So many blessings granted by God for me and my loved ones in the middle of your wilderness. Tricia 🙏🏼 #newyearseve #nye2020 #happynewyear2021

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