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Goodbye 2019 and Happy New Leap Year in the roaring 20's!

Hi guys, here's a recap on my exciting and eventful year in snapshots! Lots to be thankful for! I've become a style influencer for #liketoknowit as their official stye influncer, joined forces with #proballer (the hottest new energy drink taken it by storm), created a whole new face to my website to include all my collaborations and easier direct links to order products/styles online, increased my followers by being a consistent blogger to 47K all while continuing to fly the friendly skies!! I'd say it was a pretty remarkable year for me! Thanks again to all who follow me! I've added my favorite photos to remember the year that went down in the books as unforgettable. This new year which has an extra day in it, while give us all 24 more additional hours. Therefore, it is bound to be even more special! Lets put our hearts into it and make it incredible!

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