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Forever in Blue Jeans!

Forever in blue 👖 !! #hollisterco

“Beverly Hills” collared sweatshirt #hollister #highwaistedjeans #flaredjeans

All the jeans in my video are now up to 70% off! While everyone is hopping on the super baggie unflattering jean fad at the moment, why not stand out and show off your fit bod in these timeless high waisted flared jeans for just $17-$29!! The fit and cut will blow your mind in a good way. 🤯 I love the pattern on the second one! All sizes available. Hurry while supplies last! @hollisterco

Sizing Reference:

I’m 5’6”/102 lb. I have a short torso with longer legs so I’m perfect in their size 00/length L for long. Yes they make long and regular length!

Links to order are below:

Womens Patchwork High Rise Flared Jeans $19

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