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Floating Swarovski Ring - Macy's

This jiggle ring is fire🔥! It’s called the “dance” ring as it wiggles and jiggles with your every move. It’s the first time an innovative ‘dancing crystal’ concept has been used in a ring, the design features a round stone inside a 3D cage enhanced with crystal pavé. Playful sparkle with elegant execution. So fun to wear and just $125. I’m wearing the smallest size 5 = (50) @Swarovski

Also, to complete the set, I have included the links for the matching necklace and earrings !

Links to order online now at Macy's:

Swarovski "Dance" Ring $119

Swarovski "Dance" Floating Drop Necklace $125

Swarovski "Dance" Foating Earrings $125

Swarovski Links:

Swarovski "Dance" Ring $125 (10% off when you sign up online)

Swarovski "Dance" Drop Necklace $125

Swarovski "Dance" Earrings $119

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