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Faux Fur Soft Hooded Cropped Coat, Black Leather Gloves, Spanx, Fila Cold Weather Boots Green/Black

Go big or go home with this generous size faux fur cropped soft hoodie winter coat. Feels luxurious and comes in so many colors other than, cobalt blue, light blue, white, pink, purple, and grey! A must for your wardrobe and under $100! I found it on Amazon!! Looks great with faux leather leggings, jeans or a dress. Black Leather leopard strap gloves are now on sale at 62% off for $14.98. Adore! My boots are FILA Shearling cold weather lace ups. (another #Amazonfind!)

Spent the weekend down south in the mountains of Julian with my best friend, David. We had so much fun in the last winter snow storm heading into spring. We also hit the range with our guns for target practice and test drove a launch boost Turbo S. We didn't let it stop there, though! I tagged along on his trip to SDRC for CBD Lavender drops that help him sleep. I decided to take some home with me to the OC to see if they help me too! I'll follow up with a future blog and let you know what I think!

Links to order my outfit are below:

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