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Denim Cargo Pants and Corset Top - Memorial Day Weekend!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone! 🇺🇸 You can catch me chillin’ with the back bay ducks.

My super attractive yet comfy baggy denim cargo pants 👖are on sale now for just $26.99 @fashionnova I’m wearing the size 0. This white corset top is also on sale for just $25. Link in bio!! I’ve included links to my other fav baggy denim cargos, denim jumpsuits, corset tops and more! I think you’ll love them all!!

Follow my shop @tricia.e.s on the @shop.LTK app to shop this post and get my exclusive app-only content!


What I'm Wearing:

Alternate Cargo Pants:

Corset Tops:

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