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Cozy Christmas Night In

Is Jaxon 🐾 watching a Christmas movie with me in one arm while I reach for cocoa in a reindeer mug with my other arm? Why yes I do believe he is. What’s your favorite Christmas movie or movies to watch?! I like the traditional ones I grew up watching with my family like “It’s a Wonderful Life” but there’s also some great ones out on Amazon Prime that I’m gonna binge on! Which one should I watch next? Tell me some of your favs and give me some recommendations in the comments below!

A crazy storm blew into the OC and my balcony was stuck in a wind tunnel if you will! Boy did I have to rush out and make sure my day bed cover was strapped in so it didn't blow away on me! These kinds of storms are rare but it means there's snow in the mountains surrounding me and that always brings a smile to my face!

I can't believe my neon sign made it through without getting destroyed! Watch my videos to see the before and after of it!

Meanwhile Jaxon and I got cozy by the fire to watch our favorite Christmas movies. He loves any with dogs on them, ha!

My striped green pajamas are so very soft and comfortable! They are a great #targetstyle find!

Now on sale! Comes in red, too.

Frother is from @tjmaxx and reindeer mug is from last year @target but I was able to find it on @mercari #mercari

Click the links below to order now!!


TJ Maxx:


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