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Bustin' a move in Burgundy with my LV inspired Purse!

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Who knew Walmart would worm its way into my heart?! Ok, so first things first! I'm super excited about the checkered hand bag with matching pouch!! It literally looks just like a Louis Vuitton except minus the price tag! This purse is made in the US by Daisy Rose and the quality of the canvas leather makes it extremely difficult to see a difference from the Louie one one! The price is just $49. I waa so imoressed by quality I got the light check one too I'm super picky and have purchased LVs my whole life and infact have many of them, so, believe me when I tell you this baby is a total gem! You cant tell the differnce between them except for the price tag. In addition, I'm wearing the $12 burgundy turtleneck also from #forever21and the $20 vinyl skirt from #forever21 Direct links to order are below.

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