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Do you live in a Democratic state, like me, that requires masks 😷? If so, consider buying a mask from this guy. Like all other cloth masks, these masks do nothing at all - except get you in the stores! They are so thin and have breathable holes so you can actually breathe. Your voice isn’t muffled when you speak and you can see your face with a light or dark tint depending on the mask 😷 you chose. He has two masks - “the incognito” and “the offensively fake”. So far, no one has said a word to me and I have been left alone wherever I go that has mask requirements. ALSO, great for both men and women. Makeup does not smear for the ladies! I’m sporting the “incognito” mask. Since I’m extremely happy I decided to plug this guy. I do not get commission on this. The masks are $8.99 and well worth it. They tried taking his site down but he keeps reappearing. Gotta lovem’ for that! 👉🏻 swipe to catch his current site and order now. Link to buy is #fakemaskusa #dumblaws #gruesomenewsom2019

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