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Avoiding Love For the Day...Matchpoint!

It's March madness and anything goes like this green light weight cotton blend yarn Tennis Sweater. A soft, airy and ropey cotton blend yarn. This flattering v-neck features a sporty, ribbed neckline and flattering side slits. Both lightweight and versatile, this top has a relaxed fit. The word "tennis" is knit directly into the center front. Comes in Seagreen or Breaker White. I'm wearing the XS-Small $115 Pleated White Tennis skirt is from #Shein for $18 and you can find similar ones on Amazon for $16.99. Links to all below!

As you can see I love this Tennis sweater paired with tennis whites but it can easily be worn over casual denim for a laid-back sporty look.

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Tricia Scheer
Tricia Scheer



David Sworder

As a husband, father, and consummate tennis pro, I'm keenly attuned to the benefits of comfortable athletic attire. To succeed in the hyper-competitive world of professional sports, it's essential that my gear be comfortable, affordable, and most of all, stylish. You have done your readers a great service by highlighting this #SheIn ensemble!

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