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Jack O-Heart, Black Faux Leather mini skirt and Pumpkin Pooch Dog Costume - Tanaka Farms

Picked the cutest pumpkin today! 🎃🐶🎃 Fall harvest is in full swing at those pumpkin farms! Had a blast at Tanaka‘s today! Family owned and got the best tour in town!  

 Found the sexiest light orange Jack-O-Heart form fitting bodysuit top from @wildfoxcouture online @nordstrom for $98 and O-Ring faux black leather mini skirt $12 @shein  Both items come on XS sizes! Pumpkin Pooch Coatume $32 @amazon 

Copy and paste the links below to your browser to order all 3 online:

Jack O Heart Bodysuit: Faux Black Leather O-Ring mini skirt: Pumpkin Pooch Costume: 


Farmer Glenn Tanaka, his wife, Shirley, and his son, Farmer Kenny, own and operate Tanaka Farms, which is an authentic working farm. Their 30-acre farm produces fruits & vegetables, the Tanaka family still grows strawberries, tomatoes and other produce on about 25 acres of land. Their successful business story these days isn’t about supplying the big-box stores or other retail grocers. It’s how they have turned a small farm into something special for the children and families of Orange County. They are thriving with a unique community supported agriculture (CSA) program, a produce stand along the side of a bustling boulevard, a Christmas Tree lot in December and the 20,000 school children who annually come to pick pumpkins in the fall, strawberries in the spring and watermelon and corn in the summer. Glenn Tanaka and son Kenny (the fourth-generation of the Japanese-American Tanaka family) run the year-round operation that is more agri-tourism now than agriculture. Tanaka gears the tours to Kindergarten and pre-schoolers and consequently lots of parents and teachers come along. “There’s a lot of tasting going on,” say Glenn, who also grows broccoli, celery, cauliflower, green beans, and bananas (for show). “In the summer time, kids can pick an ear of corn right off the stalk. People can see and learn where their food comes from and how it’s grown. It’s very reinforcing.” Tanaka Farms also delivers fresh produce to more than 100 schools every week in their CSA program. With so much good that they are unvolved in for the community, do yourself a big favor and pay a visit to this special farm. As you can see from my photos there is so much to do there than just picking your pumpkin. You can hand pick your own vegetables, visit their farmers market which includes a small store of cute country items, climb aboard a large tractor, visit rows and rows of life size sunflowers 🌻, engage in wheel barrel rides and pick out your favorite pumpkin . 🎃🍁🍂 Oh and don’t forget to visit them in the summertime for strawberries 🍓 and in December to pick out a Christmas 🎄 tree! Tags: tanakafarms travel pumpkinpatch halloween farmer farming oc 

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