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8 Expert Red Eye Flight Tips to Help You Survive an Overnight Flight

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Long airline flights can be brutal, but they are a necessity if you are wanting to visit exotic lands far away or need to be somewhere for an important meeting the next day.  While some people despise taking an overnight flight (also called a red eye flight), as a Flight Attendant, I have actually come to enjoy them. Since most of my clients are sleeping it means minimal serving is required.  Occasionally, in private aviation, I’m airlined home when flight crew are not paid to stay with the jet.   I’ve learned a few tricks to help get you through your red eye and be refreshed upon arrival at your destination. So from experience, here are my top 5 expert red eye flight tips!

1. A Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way on an Overnight Flight For whatever reason you decided to take an overnight flight, I’ve learned that having a good attitude can really go a long way. A positive attitude is helpful in any situation, especially whenever you are flying! Just accept it and hunker down, because you know you are in for the long-haul. 

I have really found that having this type of attitude helps on an overnight, red eye flight. Accepting the situation brings me less stress during the flight, because I know I’m not going anywhere for a long time! So just kick back and relax. Especially if you are just starting off a vacation, this is a great time to disconnect from the craziness of life and have a bit of down time for yourself.

2. Dress Appropriately for a Red Eye Flight  I don’t advocate looking like a complete bum if you plan to sleep through it however, I do think you can still take pride in your appearance but be comfortable. Store away the heels, ladies.  You won’t want to be wearing them at all.  Comfy fuzzy socks are a must.  Avoid jeans if you can and go for a stretch pant.  I love wearing yoga pants.  Layer your top.  I like a loose simple cotton Tee and a longer sleeve hoodie over it.  What’s nice about the hoodie is you can shade your face from any light and for privacy if need be.

3.  Pack a carry on that you can use also to elevate your feet while relaxing.  Make sure to pack all the items you will need during your flight in the bag so you have them at your finger tips.  

4.  Pack an eye mask and earplugs on the carryon.  You never know who you might end up seated next to and these crucial items are a God send for me!  

5. Bring an inflatable pillow for a red eye flight in your carry on. The bigger, fluffy ones are great, but they take up a lot of room and are a pain to haul around! I prefer the inflatable version because they compress to a small size and fit in my small bag. 

6. Sleep aid.  Usually, a glass or two of wine will help me fall asleep. But if you tend to have trouble falling asleep, then bring some Tylenol PM with you to aid the process.

7.  Choose your seat wisely.  I like the window seat as you can lean against the side of the plane and prop your pillow up.  Aisle seats can disturb you with noisy foot traffic as well as being bumped by passengers.  

8. Avoid seats near the bathroom or galley.  You don’t want to be disturbed by light, odor and noises.   

And there you have it, friends!  I hope you  enjoyed my tips and safe travels!  ✈️❣️✈️

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