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I’ll Be There in a Prosecco!

Don’t just show up on time be there in a Prosecco!  🥂 This adorable tee is the perfect casual brunch look!  It’s form fitting and comes in slim fit sizes.  I’m wearing the size small.  Are ya’ ready for this? It’s only $12.99!!  It can be found online at Amazon.  The pink floppy hat is made of wool and has a nice wide brim look.  Its become my favorite hat this summer that i will carry into the fall!  It retails for just $38 and can be found at Nordstrom’s.  Get it, girl!! 🥂🙌🏻❤️   

Copy and paste the link below to your browser to order directly :

I’ll Be There In A Prosecco! Tee: 

Wool Wide Brim Flobby Hat: 

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