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Hair Products Kerstase shampoo and masque - Morrocan Oil Beach Wave Mousse

When I have down time I love to allow my locks to dry and lay naturally with waves and all!  To keep it looking silky smooth and healthy I invest in Kerstase products for thick dry hair.  They also make one for thin hair.  I highly recommend this line. I’ve been using it for over a decade and wouldn’t switch it if you paid me.  I recently stumbled across a great product made by Morrocan Oil called Beach Wave Mousse for keeping my wavey tresses frizz free when I wake in the am after sleeping on them.  It doesn’t leave a sticky feel which I love.  It is light and easy to apply.  It runs about $11 for the mini travel size  

All my products are listed below.  Just copy and paste the links to your browser to order. 

Morrocan Oil - Beach Wave Hair Mousse 

Kerstase Paris Shampoo: 

Kerstase Paris Masque: 

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