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My trip to Fiji 🇫🇯!

Abdul, our friendly handler takes a second to pose with me.

I finally have some downtime to blog about my trip to Fiji and what a trip it was. 

This was my first experience as a Private Flight Attendant to travel to Fiji.  Passing the equator while sitting in the cockpit with my flight crew and time traveling was an experience in itself!  Let me start by saying we flew all night from LAX and arrived in the morning.  We didn’t have a whole lot of time to embark on our adventures so we all decided to stay up and explore the island with the little time we had.  

When we arrived at our FBO we were greeted by our friendly handler, named Abdul and quickly got a taste of the Fijian culture by learning to say hello “bula” and thank you “vinaka”.  We boarded an old bus and headed to our hotel.  We checked into the Sheraton Fiji Resort and quickly changed then headed down to the hotels beach to soak up some sun and hit the sand bar for some incredible drinks made with rum!  Thirsty for some coconut juice?  Not a problem, for $5 you get to climb a palm tree and pick your own coconut 🥥 to drink!

After a couple of hours we decided to venture out onto the island.  Our first desire was to zipline but as the tropical rain seem to get the best of us we circled around the mountain known as “the sleeping giant” which has an outline of a giant sleeping only to discover beautiful orchids everywhere surrounding the gardens.  We decided to hit the village of Sabeto and try their mud baths.  The hot springs nestled in this quaint village was a great surprise!  As we learned that Sabeto is a hidden jewel in Fiji.  The therapeutic mud baths are ideal for self-cleansing or beautifying yourself.  I have never had so much fun getting dirty!  We finished off the experience  with an hour long massage in the same village only to be woken by the little village kids running around barefoot and the roosters cocking.  Gotta love the village life!

We were heading back the next day so we ended the night back at the hotel at an open restaurant on the beach buffet style with plenty of delicious oysters and fish to satisfy our appetite.  

Our handler greeted us with large gifts of Fiji bottles (surprisingly next to nothing to buy on the island) and escorted us back to our jet.  

There was so much to do on this island and not enough time to do it in.  A return trip is the only way ensure we make that happen.   With the time we were given and the great crew, we made the best use of our stop there!  

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