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Air Force One in this Classic  High Collared Black Dress

Air Force One is a thrill to be onboard!  If you ever get a chance to visit the Reagan Library in Simi Valley you will be immersed in the history of our 40th President and step aboard Air Force One.  Former President, Ronald Reagan, has an amazing back story to share with the world.  His wife and former First Lady, Nancy, was a beautiful lady who worked tirelessly for children and started the “just say no” drug foundation.  She graced us with her incredible style and you will get a peek into her wardrobe which is proudly displayed in the library.  Then there is Air Force One!  This retired bird sits beautifully inside the hangar style part of the library.  Once you step onboard you will see all the amazing areas where great things happened 30,000 feet above and even where they stored the “nuclear football”.  It’s the deadly briefcase that never leaves the presidents side.  

I chose to wear this classic high collared long sleeve black dress to visit tjis historic place.  It’s a steal at $59 from and fits nicely not too tight but with a great form fit. 

Copy and paste the link below to order it directly!  🖤✈️🖤 

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