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Let's All Go To The Market...The Farmer's Market!

Kurashi Co. - They will be opening a new store soon but all their snacks are available now.

This is Jason! To buy some of his proper ginger beer visit his website at: or email him at:

For the finest chocolates in the world! Gourmet Mediterranean, Carlsbad, CA -

There is no better way to support a community than to visit their Farmers Market. Small business owners with delicious treats are waiting to share them with you. This past Sunday, I visited the Solana Beach one. Boy, am I glad I did! Yes, they have the usual flowers, fruits and vegetables. There were so many tasty places to visit but three of my favorites stood out so I had to take some pics to share with you after I bought from them. I'll start with Moonglade (home made Ginger Beer). You can have your pic of a free sample of the triple shot ginger beer but don't let it stop there. Buy the 32 oz "mini growler" glass jug for $10! Next, I stopped at Kuarshi Co. (sesame treats) and picked up some home made chocolate chip cookies with special dark chips and sesame - 2 large fresh cookies for $4. Yum! Then last but not least, I let my mouth water as I slowly savored a truffle from Gourmet Mediterranean (the richest truffles and home made chocolate treats in town). In my opinion, these chocolates are ranked pretty high as I am a chocolate connoisseur at heart. They are right up there with some well known brands which I won't mention. So do visit their website and order some. Yummie! I highly recommend if you are within a couple of hours or just in the mood to hit beautiful San Diego, stop into this beach town and stroll through their cozy Farmers Market. You will be glad you did!!

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