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Stripes are a well known staple fashion all year round. We continue to see them on the runway each year. The trick is to break it up with something solid or you could be receiving a "do not pass go, head directly to jail".

Stripes can flatter your figure. In fact, a Petite Woman looks good in vertical stripes and elongates her figure. Horizontal stripes are considered flattering for thinner framed women. Diagonal is flattering on all figures. It is especially flattering on a plus size, curvy and boyish type figures. Wear stripes of every different styles and design and have fun with this look. In essence, the key to wearing stripes is to select a color pattern and build around it.

I chose this fuzzy stripped sweater and high waisted jeans by Bebe. To finish the look I'm wearing suede over-the-knee boats by Nordstrom!

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