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Why I Love Tennis!


One of the biggest reasons I found a joy for tennis is because I love to compete. It's kind of like a game of chess when you play one on one except there is physical movement. Having both of these makes it so much fun.


There is beauty in working together. Despite my love for singles, playing doubles is nice because you work together with someone and can learn different techniques to improve your skills. Belonging to a club is great and having people rely on you to play with them makes it even better!

Stress Reducer!

When you get out on the court you can leave your worries behind. Tennis gets your brain moving in a different head space. When you are done you are physically tired and that helps to sleep better. I love a good nights sleep!


I have learned what it feels like to be truly passionate about a sport. I have other passions but a sport one is top! When you invest your heart in something it becomes a treasure. You have great memories even in a lost match or if you have to take a break due to scheduling, work, injury, etc. Sort of like unconditional love. :-)

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