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New Year, New Beginnings!

With the start of a brand new year ahead, it’s the perfect time to think about making a new beginning in your life.

Maybe this is the year you’ll learn a new language, or travel to the destination you’ve always dreamed of! To get you inspired, take a look at these great idioms – all about new starts.

To start anew

This idiom means to start again, in a different way. You might describe something that is done quite commonly, but in this case, it expresses that you’re approaching it in a new way altogether.

For example:

“After seeing how much weight she put on over the holidays, she decided to start her diet anew this month.”

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Sometimes doing something new and different means taking a bit of a risk into unknown territory, and this can be quite frightening!

This idiom gives a great boost of motivation if you find yourself in that position. It means that without taking a bit of a risk or facing a challenge, you can’t expect things to change or improve.

I myself am starting anew! I am excited to see what my future holds!

Some ideas for the New Year you may want to consider!

- Traveling to a new Country. This might seem exciting to some and a little frightening to others. However, when you take in a new culture and way of life, you grow in ways you never thought possible.

- Trying a new sport! This is definitely a fun one to consider. Is there something you have always wanted to try? Tennis? Golf? Ice Skating? Group lessons are a great way to meet others and keep the cost down on training.

- Switching careers. Are you in a job you hate? How about following your dreams and taking some risks and doing something that truly brings your passion back. Maybe you'll take some financial risks but if it is something you love the money should follow!

Whatever your heart desires make 2017 a year you can look back on and say "Wow, I did that!"

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