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Grey Lace Cami Pajama Set and "Fall Vibes" Mug

Cozy vibes on a Sunday night. My balcony is finally finished and I'm so excited with the way it turned out. My new neon sign lights up in so many colors and makes me smile so big!! I found a morrocan style hanging lantern and flameless candles with assorted colors that will match my sign. Both are battery operated and more affordable then you would think! I'm wearing a cami set in light grey from #shein

Check out my links below to order today!

Light Grey Contrast Lace Cami Pajama Set $20

Fall Vibes Coffe Mug $15

Dimmmable LED battery operated sign in assorted colors $187

Moroccan Style Hanging Lamp $16.99 - $19.99

Flameless 3D Carved Moroccon Design LED Candles $26.99

White Battery Operated LED Flameless Candles $21.99

Artificial Greenery Hedge for Wall $117

Outdoor Collection Cadeo Black and White Cushion Daybed $427.92

Hosley Set of 2 Ceramic White Pillar Candle Holders 6 Inch High Ideal for LED and Pillar Candles $17.99

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