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Black Attack!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

This outfit just says everything in one glance! The skirt is amazingly sexy on and fits like a glove! I'm wearing the size small. It's faux leather and the best part...? Its just $9.50! I'm also wearing the black graphic C'est La Vie black long leave top $8 from #shein I paired with Ego's Brutal Chunky Platform Leather Boot which as you can see is smoking hot on with a nice 5 inch lift! Okaaaaayyy! Comes in faux suede leather, too! It's $44 You can't beat that price though and the fit is so comfortable guys! Legs for daysssss! All you need to do loves is click on the link either on my website which takes you to like to know it. Once you sign up you will always have me and my collection to browse at your leisure. In addition, I'll be giving a way a very special free holiday gift $$$ soon!!! I'm so excited because this something that I love so I have a feeling you will too!! All you have to do is become a member with " and add me as your influencer #tricia.e.s then like this photo with a comment below and that's it! You are entered to win my gift!

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