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Achiote’s - A Taste of Mexico!

Who loves Mexican food?  I’m talking real authentic Mexican food?!  If you ever find yourself in Southern California, do yourself a big favor and get your tresero down to the border and stop into Achiote’s.  I stumbled upon this place while shopping at the San Ysidro border this weekend.  Talk about amazing enchiladas and chilaquiles!  It’s a family owned restaurant that started in the heart of Tijuana, Mexico 🇲🇽 25 years ago with their original restaurant, El Espadana. It’s known as a fine dining establishment with several five star reviews.  They decided to bring their authentic taste to the U.S.  Achiote was opened 15 years later.  The food is amazing, service is exceptional and staff is friendly.  Don’t forget to try one of their special margaritas with salsa en polvo sauce on the rim!  Tu mesa ya esta lista!

Copy and paste the below links to your browser for the website details.  

Achiotes - U.S. 🇺🇸 

La Espadana - South of the border 

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