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Flying the Friendly Skies - Tips from a Flight Attendant

We love traveling, but we don’t love what long flights do to our skin. Especially when we already have our glamorous touch-down planned (yes, there is a wind machine involved). Say goodbye to airplane skin with these timeless beauty tips along with stress free packing and comfortability while airborne straight from a Flight Attendant, me! Tip 1 Hydrate Always drink water. This I put first because it is most important. At higher elevations you will need water more so please drink that H20! Tip 2 Moisturize It goes a long way. You will be dealing with different temperatures and your skin needs protection. I always use a facial moisturizer on my face prior to arriving to the hangar in addition to bringing a proper carry on size hand lotion. Tip 3 Facial Water Spray I like Evian Spray (carry on size). Ok so I fly privately and don't have to worry about size but sometimes a one way charter trip could leave me flying home commercial so I always play it safe. This spray is clean and doesn't ruin your makeup. It gives you a burst of freshness! Tip 4 Eye Drops Dry eyes are a big problem when flying. I chose Systane or Blink. They condition the eyes for up to 12 hours! Tip 5 Lipstick with moisturizer If you have to wear make up like me while flying then chose a lipstick with moisturizers in it. If not, buy the travel size vaseline and apply that. its the best! Tip 6 Comfy shoes If your planning to be in heels when you land, I suggest a small carry bag/purse to change from your comfy shoes once you land. I like Uggs or socks while flying but whatever works for your toes to make you feel cozy. Tip 7 Military Roll and Smart Pack I always prefer a carry on bag. No one wants to lug a ton of stuff when traveling. That will stress you out faster than turbulence! One pair of jeans, ladies! Unless you plan for more than a week of travel. One dress, skirt, jeans, shorts and pants. Be color smart. Stick to solid colored tops that you can wear with pants, skirts and those lovely heels you plan to pack. Tightly roll each item like you would a sleeping bag for camping. This makes so much space in your bag. Tip 8 Eye mask and ear plugs You never know who you will end up seated next to so earplugs just might come in handy or maybe you have a widow open shining right on your face! Tip 9 Certs or Gum This final but crucial tip needs no explaining. Fresh breathe just won't last a flight! I like the mini altoids but whatever pleases your palate will do the trick! You don't want to greet your friends or associates with breathe that could have them doing the side step! Hope you enjoy my tips! I promise they all work. I've flown enough to know I can't leave the runway without them!! Safe travels!!! 

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