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Sugar Babies, Champagne Gummies and Camo Cropped Hoodies!

Who doesn't love a little extra sugar in their life? Sugarfina is the place for all things sugary. The champagne gummies made with dom perignon are my favorites! They come in sugar covered and plain. Both are so delicious! They have very cool candies. For the adult chocolate lover, there is the single malt scotch cordials. They are made in Germany and run about $8.00 a cube. The stores are popping up everywhere in most high end shopping malls. Or you can find them online and i have attached the link for the champagne gummies below!

The hoodie I'm sporting is such a warm and fun one to wear around town or to the gym on those cooler days. This one is eye catching because it has a faded pink color added into the camouflage to enhance your skin tone. Its a great find online at under cropped hoodie for just $15. Copy and past the link below.

Sugarfina Gummies:

Camouflage Hoodie:

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