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Beach Living!

Living near the beach is a blessing in disguise. We come from the womb floating in the fetus so I think naturally our desire to be near water is a given. So, on a scientific note, it brings us in touch with where we come from.

Let's consider our mental state when we hit the beach. Seeing the crystal blue water, hearing the crushing waves, feeling the sand between our toes, wearing less clothing and swimming in the salty sea all give us a calming affect. It takes you away from the stresses of everyday life. It allows you to feel lighter on your feet and brings out your inner child. Ha! How can you not feel a smile break on your face while you're skipping through the waves or just sitting nearby looking over the horizon.

Studies have shown that people who live near the beach are happier people. I would have to agree! As soon as the weather gets warmer or even in the middle of winter, millions flock to the beach and travel to water destinations every year. I can't count how many times my passengers have chartered a flight or taken their own private jets to beach destinations.

There are so many benefits attached to being a beach lover. Whether you live near the beach, like me or don't, make it a point to hit the salty shore at least a couple times a year.

Yours Truly...

Beach Bum!

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